BrainMaster DMIT is a true and an accurate insight into a person’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses unlike a resume that is a reflection of his academic achievement and career experience. Brainmaster DMIT would be a great recruitment tool for the HR department as it is a true navigator in terms of the best suited career options for individuals.

Based on the Multiple Intelligences Distribution of individuals, we know about the career options which would be the strongest and the weakest choice for individuals. By getting to understand the behavioral patterns and potential, employers can assign different projects and tasks to employees, based on their expertise.

Recruiters can use BrainMaster DMIT’s guidance to improve communication between management and employees. Leaders can be identified and participants can be motivated to cooperate completely.

BrainMaster DMIT reports of employees will help employers to prepare advanced training modules for employees and identify their strong and weak areas to boost the overall performance of the organization.

Right people can be hired for the right positions. BrainMaster DMIT even helps identify employees on the basis of their skill and improve the performance of the workforce accordingly:

1. If an employee is low skilled and low willed, then he could be replaced.

2. If an employee is low skilled but high willed, then he could be trained.

3. If an employee is low skilled but high skilled, then he could be motivated.

4. If an employee is high willed and high and skilled, then he could be enhanced.

So BrainMaster DMIT could be used as recruitment tool in the most effective manner and help understand an employee in the most in-depth way and improve the relationship between the employer and the employee.